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My position was senior Asp.Net full-stack developer. I’m involved in developing two projects related with US real estate. My general responsibilities are solving issues for the new project version and support the current project. There are using technologies such as C-Sharp (C#), Visual Basic (VB), ASP.NET MVC, Entity Framework, Transact-SQL, Windows Service, Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), Angular, Unit testing (MSTest).
apr, 2017 – apr, 2018


My position was senior Asp.Net full-stack developer. My general responsibilities are optimization performance in Asp.Net MVC application and reports building core. Front-end architecture improving. Mentoring for junior developers in our team. I getting new experience with MongoDB, Node JS, a/b testing, fingerprint, anti-fraud, machine learning technologies and I had improved my back-end/front-end skills. Link to projects www.maxymizely.com, and www.fraudhunt.net.
apr, 2016 – apr, 2017


My position was senior Asp.Net full-stack developer. I had improved my Asp.Net Web Form, Asp.Net MVC, C#, JavaScript, CSS3/HTML5 and English skills. I got experience with e-commerce, continuous integration, high-loaded architecture. Link to project www.stylepit.com or www.stylepit.ua this high-loaded eCommerce system with distributed infrastructure.
dec, 2014 – apr, 2016